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An executable

To see the actual advancement of the project, download everything from this folder.

I’ve uploaded it in a bit of a rush to be on time so leave a comment if it lacks something. This is really basic ( just the main menu) and on top of that it’s very buggy. You can’t transform the model because of a problem with std::bitset I can’t find. It worked and then it didn’t :s No time to fix it. Next month release should be a lot more of fun with at least one enemy and 2 big news.

Edit: I may have found a solution to the bug. See you for the next release the 20th of april.

Au programme pour la prochaine release (j’espère): amélioration d’omonyom & qwxml, création d’au moins un ennemi mobile.

Update about advancement + a 1st screenshoot

This month started the worst way possible since I started holidays with a great disease which lasted about a week. Anyway I’m trying my best to  have  something revealing the potential of the game by the end of the month. It won’t be polished at all and be sure it will crash from times to times but that’s not what is important right now. I’ve been improving Omonyom a lot and hope to release a stable version at the same time I release a first executable of blue cosmos.

Here is the main menu interface ( I guess in the future we will change the buttons design by something more « mass effect »-like ) :

And here is a view of the options menu, not really effective at the moment:

I won’t show you any in-game screen since I’m confronted to a very annoying irrlicht bug with the OpenGL driver preventing me from advancing on that one. I’m going to test the DirectX driver but I have to compile the game under a new environment which may take some time.

Keep in touch.


NB: A big thanks to GeekShadow who did a great job removing Puntal. you can follow our actuality either with the RSS stream or via Twitter (Up/Right edge of this screen) .

Migration sur WordPress

Français :

Ça y est le site de Blue Cosmos à entièrement migré sous WordPress !
On abandonne donc Puntal qui n’est plus développé et supporté.
Les ancienne news sont disponible à la fois ici, et sur le forum dans la section archives (avec les commentaires).

Concernant le forum il est toujours la, on le mettra à jour dès que FluxBB 1.4 sortira.

English :

The Blue Cosmos website is now running on WordPress !
We are leaving Puntal which is no more developed and supported.
The old news are here and also in the forum in the archives part (with comments).

Concerning the forum, it’s still here, we will update it when FluxBB 1.4 release.

The beginning of the end of the tunnel

Hi there,

Endly, we’ve been quite busy recently working on mutliple projects around Blue Cosmos. One will be kept secret until we know for sure it’s gonna work. Otherwise I can say I’ve improved a lot omonyom. I have to run some tests,improve the demo and documentation. The site is likely to change with the removal of puntal in favor of wordpress (already used for the blog).
The game itself has been really enhanced by using irrLicht as the 3D engine. I hope I will have an alpha ready for the end of next month, I mean a small playable level without a complete gameplay. Anyhow even if it isn’t, I will release the current executable the 31 march.

Let’s hope I’m not too confident ^^

So see you the 31th of March (2010 of course !)

NB: We changed to Git recently. Seems like a lot of fun smile But not as the much as the marvellous Mass Effect !!

Afficher du code dans WordPress via une extension

EDIT: Il s’agit ici d’une mise à jour présentant une meilleure solution que celle décrite précédemment.

C’est un problème que je viens tout juste de rencontrer, et qui s’est évanoui aussi vite qu’il est apparu grâce à quelques liens dont je vous fait profiter.

Sur le site officiel de WordPress tout d’abord, on explique ici comment coloriser certains langages mais la liste est courte, trop courte. Pour le HTML,il y a cet article.

Par conséquent, j’ai trouvé ici une extension qui gère plus de 50 langages de programmation. Pour l’utiliser il suffit de:

  1. Télécharger l’archive, décompressez là (en gardant l’arborescence intacte) puis uploadez le tout dans votre répertoire « wp-content/plugins »
  2. Vous devez ensuite activer cette extension dans votre panneau d’administration WordPress.
  3. Pour l’utiliser, vous devez encadrer votre code des balises correspondantes sous la forme [XXX] Mon code ici [/XXX] (avec XXX choisi dans la liste des différents langages disponibles)

Exemple PHP:

<?php echo 'Hello world';?>

Exemple C++:

main(int argc, char *argv[]){

 bool running = true;

J’espère que cette démonstration vous aura convaincu.