Archives mensuelles pour février 2010

The beginning of the end of the tunnel

Hi there,

Endly, we’ve been quite busy recently working on mutliple projects around Blue Cosmos. One will be kept secret until we know for sure it’s gonna work. Otherwise I can say I’ve improved a lot omonyom. I have to run some tests,improve the demo and documentation. The site is likely to change with the removal of puntal in favor of wordpress (already used for the blog).
The game itself has been really enhanced by using irrLicht as the 3D engine. I hope I will have an alpha ready for the end of next month, I mean a small playable level without a complete gameplay. Anyhow even if it isn’t, I will release the current executable the 31 march.

Let’s hope I’m not too confident ^^

So see you the 31th of March (2010 of course !)

NB: We changed to Git recently. Seems like a lot of fun smile But not as the much as the marvellous Mass Effect !!